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Barista & Co


Sarit Centre, Westlands


In an environment with many competing coffee shop brands, Barista came to us seeking their own identity. The brief was to create a coffee shop that was bright and light, minimal and zen, but contemporary and almost edgy. Blessed with a site that had high ceilings and expansive perimeter windows, we drew from the bold white and black Barista logo.
Large walls were given texture with white washed brick cladding, the perfect backdrop to their sizeable and easily-identifiable circular logo.
Space for a functional kitchen and dining seating area was the biggest challenge and so this was handled by deciding to create an open kitchen, completely visibly by diners, so that no walls were created that would have reduced the sense of space. The extraction hood for the hot kitchen is concealed within a gypsum bulkhead that supports a lit structure displaying sacks of Kenyan coffee. A large tree was ‘planted’ in the middle of the dining space that acts as a screen as well as used to celebrate the height of the space. Bright and light, minimal and Kenyan-style zen.


Barista & Co. is a family-owned business that was established in 2016 with the simple idea of serving coffee at events. In a bid to be in direct control of the entire process, we started our Coffee Roastery in 2018. Our passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable team directly engaged farmers to better understand the coffee we buy. We then carefully hand roast the coffee to highlight the natural characteristics of the coffee and thereafter brew coffee with scientific precision to ensure every cup of coffee we serve is excellent!

Our coffees are sourced from estates or co-operatives across Kenya. We are registered dealers at The Nairobi Coffee Exchange. Get in touch with us if you are looking to Import some of Kenya’s Finest Specialty Coffees

  • YEAR : 2019
  • CLIENT : Barista & Co
  • LOCATION : Sarit Centre, Westlands
  • WEBSITE : https://www.baristaco.co.ke/
  • INDUSTRY : Speciality Coffee Roasters
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