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RA International


The Pavilion, Westlands


RA International is one of Africa’s leading remote site service providers. We offer everything from facilities management to camp construction and supply chain services for clients operating in the world’s most challenging environments.

Our customers are found in three key categories: humanitarian, governments and commercial. They include UN agencies such as UNICEF, UNHCR, governmental organisations such as the UK MOD, the US State Department and the EU, and a number of publicly listed companies operating in the mining and oil & gas industries. Over the last 15 years, we have successfully executed projects in Afghanistan, Chad, South Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, Tanzania and many other countries.

When it comes to handling the many challenges of working in remote locations, our company motto says it all:

We deliver. Regardless.


Moving from an old office space into a new location, RA International required a space that spoke of who they are and what they do, to the many industries they service. The single non-negotiable was to have a central meeting room in their office space that mimicked the containers RA use for their remote construction sites. And so we took this and used it to structure the whole office space plan. The central island meeting space was accented and highlighted by raising it up on a platform and incorporating alcove lighting. Glassed on two sides it made this central island visually lighter, and made users in the space feel like they are on stage in the middle of the office. Materials like OSB board, black glass and exposed cable trays in the ceilings reinforced the impression of raw construction RA are involved in. The lattice box floor to ceiling screens were used not only to divide various sections of the office, but also to display artefacts from the many countries RA are present in.



  • YEAR : 2018
  • CLIENT : RA International
  • LOCATION : The Pavilion, Westlands
  • WEBSITE : https://rainternationalservices.com/
  • INDUSTRY : Integrated Facilities Management, Construction & Supply Chain
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